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Stable-ISED Equine

Remote Equine Nutrition Consultation

Remote Equine Nutrition Consultation

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A Remote Equine Nutrition Consultation can be scheduled from anywhere in Australia and includes a dietary review for the individual horse, identification of what dietary deficiencies or imbalances may be present (pasture and hay testing is welcomed for utmost accuracy), a look into how the client may be able to reduce feeding expenses while providing their horse with a healthier, simplified, or more species-appropriate diet, as well as an assessment of any health, performance, or behavioural concerns from a nutritional perspective. The client will receive a comprehensive report detailing the assessment including any proposed dietary changes for each horse scheduled, as well as post-consultation support and access to a social media group exclusively for Stable-Ised Equine clients to ask questions and share results. 

How The Process Works:

  1. Clients are required to purchase a Remote Equine Nutrition Consultation for each horse they would like to schedule.
  2. Once Remote Equine Nutrition Consultations have been purchased, a fillable questionnaire will be automatically sent to the client's provided email address. This questionnaire can then be downloaded and completed for each horse. Please note that if bank transfer is the selected method of payment, the client will need to send a payment receipt to before the questionnaire will be sent. 
  3. Once the questionnaire has been completed in full, it can be returned to Stable-Ised Equine via email ( alongside relevant photos of the horse/s and their living environment including paddock and pasture. Additional documents such as veterinary reports, dental charts, or body work assessments are also welcome in order to provide more detail. 
  4. Stable-Ised Equine will review the submitted questionnaire, photos, and any supporting documents before confirming that the horse has been scheduled for a Remote Equine Nutrition Consultation. Clients should monitor their email accounts (including junk and spam folders) closely in the event that additional information or clarification is required.
  5. Please allow up to 7-14 days for the Remote Equine Nutrition Consultation process to be finalised due to the number of bookings currently in place.

Review Consultations:

If you have previously had your horse's diet assessed and formulated by Stable-Ised Equine and would like to have the recommended dietary plan reviewed and adjusted due to variations such as a change in workload, weight, or forage type or quality, please enter the code REVIEW40 at checkout for a $40.00 discount. 

Repeat Clients:

If you have previously had your horse's diet assessed and formulated by Stable-Ised Equine and would like to schedule a new horse for the same service, please enter the code REPEAT20 at checkout for a $20.00 discount. If you are an entirely new client and have more than one horse to schedule, please also enter the code REPEAT20 at checkout for a $20.00 discount on each horse scheduled. 

If you are based in North Queensland and are interested in a Face-To-Face Equine Nutrition Consultation, please contact Stable-Ised Equine directly to discuss which options may be available for you and your horses. 

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