Equine Nutrition Consultations

An Equine Nutrition Consultation allows a comprehensive evaluation of an individual horse’s nutrient requirements and takes the guesswork out of producing a species-appropriate and nutritious intake that supports a horse’s specific needs. In this day and age, there are hundreds, if not thousands of feeds and supplements on the market and I often see horse owners pouring money and time into over-complicated diets that don’t support equine digestive health or physiology. Marketing is my personal pet peeve as it is all too easy to use terms such as ulcer-friendly, laminitis-safe, cooling, calming, non-heating, balanced, low sugar, and low starch to catch the attention of people who simply want to do better by their horses. Employing the services of an Equine Nutrition Consultant who is not affiliated with any feed or supplement companies means that you will receive unbiased and science-supported recommendations that do not have a hidden agenda. I understand that paying a fee for a professional service can be off-putting; however, many of my clients have been able to simplify their feeding regimes and reduce their expenses while improving their horse’s overall health, appearance, behaviour, and performance so the service often pays itself off quite quickly.

  • Liz H

    “Thank you Karly for your comprehensive report. I highly recommend Karly’s services as she has been super professional, friendly, and quick to respond to any and all questions. Karly has considered my horse’s condition, stomach ulcers, and hoof pathologies throughout the report. It is fantastic to have such a knowledge resource available.”

  • Shayla B

    “I reached out to Karly after purchasing a very emaciated Thoroughbred. He had made small progress in the couple of weeks we had him but nothing like the progress he has made in the three weeks since being on the diet Karly made for him. Not only is he making impressive gains, I’m actually feeding less and my expenses have gone down as a result of no longer feeding unnecessary supplements. I was so impressed with his progress that I scheduled my other horse in for an Equine Nutrition Consultation with Karly also.”

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