Equine Nutrition Consultations

Dietary assessments and pasture management strategies tailored to your individual horse’s requirements. 
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Equine Nutrition ConsultatioNS

An Equine Nutrition Consultation performed externally (I service all of Australia externally) is $110.00/horse, which includes a full dietary review for the individual horse, identification of what deficiencies or imbalances may be present, a look into how you may be able to reduce expenses while feeding your horse a healthier or more species-appropriate diet, as well as an assessment of any health or behavioural concerns from a nutritional perspective. You will receive a detailed report outlining the assessment including any proposed dietary changes. The external process begins with a comprehensive questionnaire (online form) for you to complete and provide with photos of your horse and their paddock/pasture. 

Home visits are available for clients who are located within my service areas throughout Far North Queensland and are priced at $150.00 for the first horse and $110.00 for any additional horses scheduled within the same 45 minute - 1 hour appointment time. A home visit allows a hands on evaluation of each horse to assess coat colour, skin quality, hoof integrity, skin hydration, and dental health, and also allows a thorough assessment of pasture species, health, and quality. This service also includes the same dietary assessment and detailed report that you would receive with an external Equine Nutrition Consultation. Due to the astronomical price of fuel at the moment, additional travel fees may apply to clients wishing to engage in a face-to-face Equine Nutrition Consultation. Please contact me to obtain a quote and to check availability for your area. If a home visit exceeds your budget, please remember I always have availability for external Equine Nutrition Consultations which do not attract additional fees. 

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